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Posted on: September 14, 2023

Potential Employee Pay Raise

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Plaquemines is pleased to inform its residents and stakeholders of a potential pay raise for parish employees, pending approval by the Plaquemines Parish Council. This proposed pay raise is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring competitive compensation and recognizing the hard work and dedication of our valuable workforce. 


Key Details of the Proposed Pay Raise:


Reason for the Pay Raise: Plaquemines Parish is seeking a pay increase for its staff to ensure its competitiveness within the local government job market and to retain the parish’s skilled workforce. For the government to continue running, delivering services, and meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow we must attract, recruit and retain talented individuals. After a decade marked by layoffs and retirements that significantly reduced our workforce, we recognize the urgency of raising our starting salaries to attract top talent.


Council Approval: The proposed pay raise is currently under consideration by the Plaquemines Parish Council. A decision is expected to be made during the upcoming Council meeting scheduled for September 28, 2023.


Budgetary ConsiderationsThe Plaquemines Parish Finance Department has completed a comprehensive budget review to ensure the sustainability of the pay raise, while maintaining our commitment to long-term fiscal responsibility. Classified personnel will witness pay adjustments tied to their performance and the cost of living, while unclassified employees will benefit from a fixed 5 percent pay raise. The Parish President's compensation will be aligned with that of a Judge from the 25th Judicial Court in Plaquemines Parish, and council members will receive an increase equivalent to 1/3 of a Judge's salary in the same court. It's important to note that neither council nor Parish President salaries will change until the next election in 2027. See “Plaquemines Parish Charter, Sections 3.09 & 4.07: Compensation” for more information. 

Community Feedback: We value the input of our residents and stakeholders. If you wish to express your thoughts, we encourage you to join the upcoming Council meeting and vocalize your viewpoint.


Plaquemines Parish is committed to transparency and engagement with the community in all matters, including decisions related to employee compensation. We believe that this potential pay raise reflects our commitment to providing exceptional services to our residents and attracting and retaining top talent.


For more information or to stay updated on the status of the pay raise proposal, please visit our website at


Plaquemines is a vibrant and thriving community dedicated to providing exceptional services to its residents. We are committed to fostering a welcoming environment for all and ensuring the well-being of our community members.



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