Hurricane Ida Recovery

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August 27, 2021 11:33 AM

Hurricane Ida Recovery

As a result of Hurricane Ida, the emergency operations center lost cell and internet services. As we work to get these services restored, please stay connected for more updates and post-storm information on our communication outlets. Communications remain limited, but we have dedicated a hot spot in the EOC to send out information.

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Latest Update:

September 4, 2021 11:30 AM


Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 8, 2021



  • Plaquemines Parish continues to be under a State of Emergency.
  • There still exist a Mandatory Evacuation order from the Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery to Venice due to power and water issues.
  • On the Eastbank, there still exist a Mandatory Evacuation from White Ditch to Bohemia due to power issues.
  • Effective immediately, the Louisiana Department of Health – Office of Public Health has lifted the boil water advisory for customers that live from Belle Chasse to Alliance. The repairs have been completed and bacteriological surveys show that the water is safe to drink.
  • Government offices are scheduled to resume normal operating hours on Monday, September 13th
  • Belle Chasse/Scarsdale Ferry and Pointe a la Hache Ferry are currently running at the regularly scheduled times.
  • USPS has notified us that they are still assessing facilities and will provide updates as soon as they know more. Currently, USPS does not have an alternate post office location for Plaquemines Parish mail.



The Dalcour Water Plant is back in service and has Entergy power. Please remember that there is a boil water advisory for any residence that has running water.

The East Pointe a la Hache water plant is online and producing water. This means there is water service from Bohemia to White Ditch. However, a boil water advisory remains in effect from Bohemia to White Ditch.


The Belle Chasse Water Plant (BCWP) which only services the Westbank is online and producing water.

There are still major leaks in the Ironton area. Parish crews and Inframark are working diligently to identify and repair those leaks. These leaks are preventing water flow from Ironton to Tide Water Road in Venice. The Port Sulphur Water Plant is currently unable to produce water due to flood water damage. We are working to get the Boothville water plant up and running.

800 gallons of potable water has been delivered to the Port Sulphur Fire Station and 800 gallons of potable water to the Buras Fire Station. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS.

  • Port Sulphur Fire Station 
  • Buras Fire Station




Scouring repairs to the levee behind Braithwaite have been completed. 

Please be reminded that there is no electrical power or water servicing some parts of the area. 



For more information on Highway 23 from Ironton to Pointe a la Hache, please contact PPSO or follow their social media accounts.

Highway 23 from Ironton to just south of the Woodland Planation remains flooded but is passable. 

The Parish and its contractors have rocked 20 miles of the Mississippi River levee to convoy residents and relief aid to the currently inaccessible areas of Port Sulphur to Venice. 

Additional pumps have been deployed to the Wilkinson Pump Station, Pointe Celeste and Pointe a la Hache to further enhance the dewatering of Highway 23.



FEMA reports that 5,700 Plaquemines Parish residents have filed applications with FEMA and have been awarded $2.4 million.


You must apply for disaster assistance first at by calling 1-800-621-3362 or go to  If you need assistance in filling out an application for FEMA assistance,  you can visit the following locations in Plaquemines Parish:

Belle Chasse Auditorium (8a - 5p)

8398 Hwy. 23

Belle Chasse, LA 70037

Port Sulphur YMCA (9a - 5p)

278 Civic Drive

Port Sulphur, LA 70083

*We are working with FEMA to get an additional location on the Eastbank. Are you displaced from your residence due to damage from Hurricane Ida?  Plaquemines Parish has been designated as one of the parishes now eligible for FEMA's Transitional Sheltering Assistance program. 

Visit or call 800-621-3362 for more information.

Pre-Apply for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) at by going to

Operation Blue Tarp program by the USACE. Residents can call 1-888-766-3258 or visit Currently, 337 residents have applied.

Other Resources in Plaquemines Parish

Cooling center and internet access is located at Exceleration Church 7737 Hwy. 23 from 10 am to 8pm until further notice.

First Baptist Church is offering Disaster Relief. Please call 334-261-8616 for more information. The Salvation Army is distributing meals and cleaning kits at following locations daily from 12p -5p:

Boothville Venice Elementary School

#1 Oiler Drive

Boothville, LA 70038 

Buras Fire Station

35410 Hwy 11

Buras, LA 70041

Bethlehem Baptist Church 

111 Bethlehem Lane 

Braithwaite, LA 70040

Second Harvest food distribution took place on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, Percy Griffin Community Center (Davant Community Center) 15577 Hwy 15, Davant, LA 70040

The National Guard is giving out water, ice, MREs and tarps at the following locations:

  • 333 F Edward Hebert Blvd. at the Multi-Purpose Center from 8 am to 5 pm until further notice. 
  • Eastbank - Percy Griffin Center 15577 Hwy. 15 in Davant, LA 8am – 4pm daily until further notice.
  • South Plaquemines Elementary School, 311 Civic Drive, Port Sulphur, LA 70083

Supplies Also Available:

  • Buras Fire Station
  • Boothville Venice Fire Station

Pet Food is available at the following locations:

  • Port Sulphur Fire Station
  • Buras Fire Station
  • Boothville Venice Fire Station



Regular household garbage should be placed in garbage cans as normal.

Solid waste garbage trucks will be running daily in all areas that are accessible.

We are asking all residents to move debris to right of way area near their homes.

The following debris should be separated into three different piles:

  • The first pile should only consist of vegetative debris, examples include leaves, trees, branches. (DO NOT PLACE IN GARBAGE BAGS)
  • The second pile should only consist of construction debris, examples include sheetrock, carpet, furniture, and other construction related items.
  • The third and last pile should only consist of white goods, examples include refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and other household appliances. 
  • Debris removal started on Tuesday, September 7th and will continue until further notice
  • Debris removal on the east bank will commence as soon as possible. We are asking east bank residents NOT to place debris on the levee side. Levees need to be inspected and any residential debris will impede this progress.

The compactor/dump site at Sewer Plant Road in Belle Chasse is open and operating at normal hours. The Parish is currently seeking authority from FEMA for private property debris removal.



The Fire Department has had an increase of emergency incidents with the influx of residents returning to the parish. It has responded to multiple medical emergencies, fires and carbon monoxide calls resulting from generator use. There have been several carbon monoxide related deaths in the State in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

The Fire Department encourages safe use of generators. Please read the manufactures directions and follow the 20/20/20 plan. The generator should be 20 feet from your home. You should wait 20 minutes for your generator to cool off before refueling, and you should invest $20.00 in a carbon monoxide detector. 

Do not overload a generator with extension cords.

If you feel you may have signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, please dial 911.

We do have fire protection throughout the Parish. Fire fighters are in Belle Chasse, the Eastbank and southern part of the Westbank. As soon as Hwy 23 is clear, we will be moving our evacuated equipment and apparatuses back down the road.

The Fire Department has been cutting trees, removing debris from roadways, and setting up barricades where there are low hanging power lines.

It is also assisting with the Emergency Operations Center, provided a fire watch for the shelter, and assisted in evacuation of residents, including from Riverbend Nursing Home.

We are asking all residents to PLEASE refrain from burning trash or debris. The Louisiana Office of the State Fire Marshal has issued a burn ban for the entire parish of Plaquemines until further notice. 


  • Following the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Ida, Entergy’s Restoration Crews have made significant progress to restore power in Plaquemines Parish.  
  • Our Crews have successfully energized critical parts of our local power grid and have been able to restore power across the Upper Plaquemines Parish residents over the last few days.   
  • As of 4PM Wednesday, we have restored power to approximately 75% of our customers in Plaquemines Parish.  
  • Specifically, power has been restored to many customers across Belle Chase, Braithwaite, White Ditch, and the surrounding communities as far south as Port Sulphur to Empire in some areas.
  • Customers may notice that some streets have power, while others do not.  Please know and understand that our Restoration Work continues until all customers have been restored. 
  • We expect to restore power to all customers in the Upper Plaquemines Parish by Friday September 10th.  Many customers will be restored before this date and restoration will continue as urgently as possible with Safety being our Top Priority.    

Lower Plaquemines Parish

  • Some customers in Buras and Port Sulphur have been restored. Entergy is asking ALL Customers to remain patient as we continue restoring power and exercise the utmost safety adherence:
    1. Stay Away from downed power lines.   Down power lines can be deadly.  
    2. Use Generators only in the manner as instructed by the manufacturer.  
  • Again, we’d like to Thank You for your patience and that our work isn’t done until the last light bulb is turned back on.   

*Any current Entergy customer that received damages incurred by Hurricane Ida and in need of a permit, Plaquemines Parish will waive the electrical permit fees.


Parish government does not have fuel for the public. Parish fuel resources are being dedicated to emergency response and to fuel parish generators. Mosquito control trucks and aerial spray has begun and will take place every day weather permitting.


Please be reminded that if you return, there are still limited resources throughout the area.  I want to thank all parish employees, sheriff deputies, and port employees who are actively assisting us in our recovery. I also want to send a special shout out to our state police and national guardsman and the Corp of Engineers for all their assistance.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the Parish Website for additional information.

Prior Updates

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September 2, 2021 1:21 PM

Distribution Sites

Unit Further Notice 

  • Water, Ice, and MREs Distribution Plaquemines Parish Update

    When:  Thursday, September 2nd until further notice

    Time:   8 AM -6pm

    Where: Plaquemines Parish Government Complex

                333 F Edward Hebert Blvd

                Belle Chasse, LA 70037

    *We will announce additional locations in the Parish later today when supplies arrive.

  • Assistance 

    • Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -1-888-524-3578
    • Operation Blu Roof - or 1-888-766-3258
    • FEMA - 1-800-621-3362 -
  • Debris Removal Services

    Parish President Lepine has activated debris removal services post Hurricane Ida.

    Residents must follow these specific guidelines regarding Hurricane-Ida related debris. Separate debris into the following categories:

    - Household garbage 

    - Construction debris 

    - Vegetation debris 

    - household hazardous waste 

    - electronics 

    Please place debris piles at the curb in the public right-of-way in front of your home. Do not set debris against trees or poles. 

    picking up pieces.jpg


  • A Boil Water is in place for all water customers.


  • Plaquemines Parish Schools will continue to be closed until further notice. 
  • For more information please visit

August 28, 2021 11:23 AM

Traffic Update - Gate Closures

Hwy 39 Floodgate at the Plaquemines / St. Bernard Parish line is currently schedule to close at 6pm today.

Hwy 23 Floodgate in Oakville by Capt. Larry's Seafood is currently schedule to close at 7pm today

Hwy 23 at Milepost 0 (Venice Jump) is schedule to close at 12pm today.