Steering Committee


  • Benny Bacas 
  • Bonnie Buras 
  • Diana Alfortish
  • Ed Theriot 
  • Guy Lagaist 
  • Irvin Juneau 
  • Jeff White
  • Jim Woodard 
  • John Barthelemy 
  • John Carlton 
  • John Riley
  • Keith Hinkley
  • Laurie Soileau 
  • Lisa Flair 
  • Lynda Banta 
  • Lynn Perez
  • Michael Jiles
  • Nancy Fridge
  • Rose Jackson
  • Stanley Gaudet
  • Stuart Guey
  • Theodore Turner
  • Warren Lawrence


The Parish has put together a Steering Committee to help guide the Master Plan. This group includes community members representing local and regional government, local civic groups, development interests, business leaders, and concerned citizens. These volunteers are charged with increasing awareness and excitement of the plan within their social and business circles and will also provide guidance to the project team in developing the plan.


To contact a member of the Steering Committee, please send an email to Community Planning. The email will be forwarded to the correct Steering Committee Member. Please include the person`s last name in the subject line. Thank you!