Maps are incorporated throughout the Master Plan to help analyze and describe existing spatial relationships in the parish and inform the recommendations of the Implementation plan.

  1. Parish-wide Planning Area Map (PDF) - delineates six planning areas to be used as a data collection tool during the master planning process
  2. Existing Land Use Map (PDF) - inventory of existing land uses in the Plaquemines
  3. Coastal Hazard Map (PDF)
  4. Transportation Facilities Map (PDF) - depiction of existing transportation facilities in Plaquemines
  5. Internal Population Shift Map (PDF) - reflects population shifts in Plaquemines Parish between 1990 and 2008
  6. Future Land Use Maps (FLUMs) - guides to help the Planning and Zoning Board and Parish Council make decisions on matters related to development. These are guides only and are intended to be updated as needed to reflect changing needs and priorities of the parish.
  7. Economic Investment Map (PDF)
  8. Transportation Improvement Map (PDF)