Documents & Maps


Several documents go into the creation of the Master Plan. These items document the process of developing the plan and provide a reference guide for local staff and other communities to use as a guide for the Plan`s implementation.

We encourage you to review these important documents and provide comments and feedback on Master Plan Comments and Feedback page.

Draft Final Comprehensive Master Plan Document

The items listed make up the draft, final Comprehensive Master Plan document.


Executive Summary (PDF)


Assessment Documents: These documents address existing conditions and trends in Plaquemines Parish and establish the baseline state from which the community visioning, long term plan, and recommendations are established.

  • Community Assessment (PDF) - Provides an overview of baseline conditions and major issues and opportunities in Parish in 2010
  • Technical Addendum to the Community Assessment - Provides detailed data and analysis of existing conditions


The Community Agenda in combination with the Action Plan and Short-term Work Program make up the Master Plan implementation documents. They will guide the Parish in carrying out the recommendations of the Master Plan.

  • Community Agenda Introduction (PDF) - Provides an overview of the Community Agenda and how it will guide the Parish moving forward.
  • Community Vision (PDF) - Describes the public visioning process and how, based on that vision, elements of the plan have been prioritized.
    • Plan Elements - The provided sections discuss opportunities and challenges for the Parish moving forward by substantive element of the plan. These sections describe several of the recommendations listed in the Action Plan.


The Action Plan and Short-term Work Program (PDF), combined, is the implementation program for the Comprehensive Master Plan. It provides a detailed strategy for achieving the community’s vision.