Master Plan

Plan Basics

The Comprehensive Master Plan will evaluate historic and current trends and lay the foundation for continued recovery and prosperity for the Parish in the future.

Plaquemines Parish plays an important role in the regional economy, providing vital connections between mainland Louisiana, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico. The same environmental attributes that help the Parish thrive also put it at high risk of natural disasters. Intelligent planning and land management decisions will help minimize the impacts of potential storms and strengthen the area`s economy and quality of life. The Comprehensive Master Plan will provide the vision and overall framework for the Parish`s recovery, renewal, and strengthening.

Project Goals

The Comprehensive Master Plan will accomplish many importance objectives. The following are some of the key goals of the Plan:

  • Assist with continued recovery efforts from recent hurricanes
  • Build community support and ownership in the Master Plan
  • Develop a plan that is comprehensive, strategic, and implementation-focused and is based on solid technical analysis and community input
  • Help the Parish justify and acquire additional state and federal funding

Parish VisionParish Vision Pyramid Diagram

The following graphic representation was developed through multiple interviews with citizens, the community visioning workshops, and the community assessment.

Strategic Framwork Flow ChartStrategic Framework Flow Chart: How we get to Implementation

Using the Parish Vision as a base, a series of scenarios were developed; after discussions, a hybrid scenario will be created and then working with technical experts, the leadership and citizens, a preferred future scenario will be developed.