Implementation Overview


The implementation phase of the JLUS was intended to convert recommendations identified in the original study into actionable activities. This process was guided by the JLUS Implementation Committee, established by the Plaquemines Parish Government, to develop the implementation tools necessary to successfully complete the JLUS process.

Committee Information

The Implementation Committee was subdivided into two working groups: the Technical Group and the Policy Group. The Technical Group was composed of professionals and community representatives that reviewed the available data and made recommendations based on their areas of expertise and experience. 

These recommendations then went before the Policy Group, consisting of elected and appointed government officials, for review and adoption. Each implementation tool adopted by the Implementation Committee then proceeded to the appropriate government body for public review and enactment.

View the Committee Assignments (PDF)

  1. MIPD Overlay Zoning District
  2. Memorandum of Understanding
  3. Real Estate Disclosure


The MIPD Overlay Zoning District (PDF) was adopted as an ordinance by the Plaquemines Parish Council on September 11, 2014. The district serves the Implementation Committee’s goals of preserving the mission readiness of NAS/JRB New Orleans while being sensitive to the development rights of private property owners in the area. The district sets minimum regulations for building height, lighting, steam and smoke, and electronic communications interference within its boundaries. 

MapMIPD Overlay Boundary and Height Limit Map

The map provided illustrates the boundaries of NAS/JRB (in blue), the MIPD Overlay Zoning District (in pink), and height limit contours over parcels. The Overlay District dictates that any existing height limit lower than what is shown on the map shall take priority, for instance, the current height limit in residential zones in Plaquemines Parish is 35 feet, so despite this map showing height limits much higher than that, it would be 35 feet.

The district also directs the building official to notify NAS/JRB officials of any applications to construct electronic communications facilities or smoke/steam emitting structures. Construction of commercial wind turbines is prohibited.

Additionally, lighting is regulated within the district including a requirement that all exterior lighting face downward and illuminated signage be screened such that it cannot be seen from 30 feet above.