On April 26th, 2010, the Policy Committee unanimously passed Resolutions 1, 2 and 3.

Resolution 1

Military Influence Planning District (MIPD).

The MIPD is a study area surrounding the NAS JRB that consists of 24 distinct sub areas that are based on the presence and/or severity of potential conflicts with aircraft operations and noise related thereto.

Resolution 2

Use the Airport Imaginary Airspace Surfaces Map as a basis to initiate local building permit review that is linked to the FAA Form 7460-1 process.

The FAA regulates what is on the airport property, but can only advise on matters such as potential obstructions (towers, billboards, etc) in airspace that are located off of the base. With this resolution the Technical Committee is recommending that Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes automatically refer all building permit applications within the MIPD to the FAA for their review and comment. Structures found to be a potential hazard by intruding into airspace would be reported back to the local jurisdiction, which would deny the building permit based on the FAA finding. This would eliminate development of further intrusions.

Resolution 3

Further study for the relocation of Barriere Road where it intersects with the proposed Peters Road Extension.

The NAS JRB is planning on extending the east - west runway by 2,000 feet in the future. Plaquemines Parish is planning on improving Barriere Road to intersect with the Peters Road extension. It is recommended that further study be undertaken to investigate moving the proposed Barriere Road alignment so that it does not interfere with the proposed runway operations.