Message From Parish President

To the People of Plaquemines Parish,

Hurricane season can prove to be challenging for our beloved parish and many of its residents. Especially as we continue to rebuild critical infrastructure for our parish and work diligently to ensure the safety of lives and property in Plaquemines Parish.

The best thing you can do this hurricane season is get yourself and your family prepared. If an emergency is declared, we urge you to listen to parish officials for specific instructions, especially evacuation orders. Our website includes a tremendous amount of information to help ensure your safety during this hurricane season. We encourage residents to constantly monitor this website, news stations, radio stations, Facebook and Twitter for the latest evacuation messages and other information during inclement weather situations.

Now is the time to prepare; once a storm is upon us, it’s too late. Make sure you have a personal plan and know the evacuation routes out of the area as well as the contra-flow and shelter information, which is on this website.

Most importantly, contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness at 504-934-6460 if you have any questions or need assistance.

W. Keith Hinkley
Parish President