Engineering & Public Works


Engineering & Public Works Department oversees all aspects of capital improvement projects in Plaquemines Parish.  From the smallest to the largest projects, our involvement varies from project management to project design; from damage assessments to construction inspections.  We administer capital improvement contracts worth millions of dollars funded by federal, state, and local appropriations.  We make recommendations to the Administration and Council in planning, funding, and implementation of parish resources to meet short and long term goals.

We assist other parish departments to complete tasks in order to better serve the community on a regular basis and during emergency events.   

We coordinate with federal and state agencies, such as USACE, FEMA, LADOTD, CPRA, LDEQ, Railroad agencies, and others, on federal and state projects within Plaquemines Parish.  

We ensure compliance by providing documentation for Federal and State programs such as the Off-System Bridge Program, Road Manager Reports, Municipal Storm Sewer Separate System Program, and Legislative Audits.

In 2018, Engineering absorbed the Sign Department and its responsibilities to save financial resources by maintaining signage throughout the parish with in-house personnel.   

  The Engineering Department staff includes eight (8) employees: one Professional Engineer, one Project Manager, one Contract Administrator, one Draftsperson, one 2-man survey crew, one Public Works Inspector, and one Sign Department Workflow Coordinator. 

Together our team handles parish-wide responsibilities in order to maintain public health and safety.

  1. Engineering & Public Works

    Physical Address
    333 F. Edward Hebert Blvd Bldg 500
    Belle Chasse, LA 70037

  2. Ken Dugas

    Parish Engineer

  3. Jonah Arceneaux

    Project Manager

  4. Tess Guillot

    Contract Administrator

  5. Bailey Dupre

    Workflow Coordinator

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