Animal Control


Plaquemines Parish has partnered with the Louisiana SPCA to run the parish animal shelter. The Plaquemines Parish Animal Control Department is responsible for the enforcement of parish ordinances control while also providing the following services:

Stray Animals

To report a stray dog, call the Animal Control Department at 504-934-6690. A description of the dog is helpful:

  • Does the dog look familiar or do you know if the dog lives nearby?
  • Is it small, medium, or large?
  • What breed is the dog?
  • What color is it?
  • What is the location that you last saw the dog?
  • What time did you see the dog?

Animal Bite Cases

It is Louisiana State Law that bite cases be reported the Animal Control Department. The animal must be impounded for 10 days at the Plaquemines Parish Animal Shelter for rabies observation. A description of the case is helpful:

  • What is the description of the biting animal?
  • Where did it happen?
  • Where is the animal currently?
  • Who owns the animal?
  • Who was bitten? What is their phone number?

You Have My Pet. How Do I Get Her Back?

If you know for certain that your pet is at the Louisiana SPCA - Plaquemines Campus, call 504-392-1601 to ask on how to get your pet back. There are several factors that have to be considered. This would include any fines and fees for daily care and feeding and up to date vaccination records.

Animal Abuse & Neglect

To report an animal that is neglected or abused, call the Animal Control Department at 504-934-6690. You will need to identify:

  • The condition(s) of the animal
  • The date and time you observed the animal
  • The description of the animal
  • The exact location of the animal
  • Your name and phone number

Report a Lost Pet

Losing your pet can be very stressful. An ID tag with the owner’s name, address, and phone number is always a good idea. Also consider a microchip, which is a permanent way of identifying a lost pet. Here are some tips on finding your lost pet.

Community Cats

Community cats, or feral cats, are cats that are not typically friendly to people. They thrive and typically live healthy lives outdoors. Removing community cats, in the long run, is not a solution to keep an area cat free.

Plaquemines Parish supports Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). To be effective, a cat must first be humanely trapped. Surgery by spay or neuter will remove their chances of reproducing more cats. Then the cat will be returned to the area from where she came from. This will help reduce overpopulation and diseases.

Trap Rentals

To rent a trap, call the Animal Control Department at 504-964-6690 to determine if any traps are available. An application must be completed, along with a deposit of $30. Upon the visit, you will be trained on the method of setting up and caring for the trap.

Wild Animals

There are a diverse species of wild animals in the parish. Opossums, raccoons, and coyotes are naturally found locally. To help prevent animals from coming near your home, don’t feed them.

Animal Trap Loans

If you need to rent a dog or cat trap, call the Animal Control Department at 504-934-6690. An application and a deposit are required. Dog traps are $75, while cat traps are $30. A refund will be returned upon the return of the trap in the condition as it was rented.

Assistance with Emergency Evacuations

  • Do you Need Assistance with Pet Evacuations?
  • FAQ’s for Pet Evacuations
  • Hurricane Preparedness for Pets

Additional Helpful Tips

  • Cold Weather Tips
  • Is your dog or cat vaccinated against rabies? If not, per Louisiana state law, they must be vaccinated. Only a licensed veterinarian can provide rabies vaccination to your dog or cat. Call your veterinarian to make sure your pet’s vaccination is up to date.
  • Microchip your pets! Just in case your dog or cat gets lost, a microchip will help reunite you and your pet. Speak with your veterinarian to obtain more information.
  • Plaquemines Parish Animal Laws
  • Protecting Your Dog in the Summer